Annual Membership Meeting & Board Elections

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October 19, 2020

6:30 pm at the Alger

and on Zoom

est 1935

 Friends of the Alger Theater is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. Our mission is to enrich our neighborhood by ACTIVATING and RESTORING our historic theater to create a welcoming DESTINATION for programs created BY and FOR our neighbors.


The Alger Theater is surrounded by incredible neighborhoods with beautiful homes and great neighborhood organizations. The efforts of these groups, and ours, continue to reinforce the stellar aspects of our corner of Detroit and tirelessly work together toward a safe, thriving and prosperous collective future for all.


"Since moving here in 2008, I've seen major growth and transformation in my community thanks to the Alger Theater. I'm looking forward to their events in the upcoming year."  Louis Graham


Alger Supporters & Partners

The Friends of the Alger Theater greatly appreciate matching gifts from Hudson-Webber Foundation and Ford Foundation.

Alger Theater

16451 East Warren Avenue, PO Box 241183

Detroit, MI 48224