Our board volunteers give their hearts, hands, minds (and dollars) to move the Alger vision forward.


The members pictured here have put their names forward to renew their annual term.

Jody Belliveau
Jackie Grant
Sonya Gray
Clinton Griffin
Charon Nogues
Eric Peeples
Marc Tirikian
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Become a member of the Alger by October 18th and nominate yourself for a board position to help lead the Alger forward!!

The Friends of the Alger are a membership-based nonprofit 501c3. Our board of directors' main role is fundraising. Board members make a significant personal contribution to renovation, events and maintenance activities. We welcome applications to join our board of directors.

Financial Reports

The Friends operate on an October through September fiscal period. FY 2019 report will be available in September 2020.

  • Alger 2015 Fiscal Year End

  • Alger 2016 Fiscal Year End

  • Alger 2017 Fiscal Year End

  • Alger 2018 Fiscal Year End

Alger Theater

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