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Progress and Fundraising

As members of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Alger Theater, we are often asked “What have you all been doing with all your donations?” In addition to donations, we also generate income from memberships and marquee rentals.

We always are very happy to answer how we are managing these funds.

First, the annual budget to “maintain” the theater in its current state runs between $10,000 to $11,000, depending on the number of minor programs we run.

Typical costs include:

  • Utilities $5,600

  • Insurance $2,000

  • Security $525

  • Dues and subscriptions $1,500

  • Maintenance $700

  • Equipment rental $600

In addition to the regular maintenance, since October 1, 2014, we have completed several improvement projects at the theater. Some of these are dramatic and easily recognizable from the street, such as the new façade on Warren Avenue and the rooftop deck above, and some are quite expensive and not noticeable, like over $20,000 for asbestos abatement and $12,000 for mold remediation.

Examples of completed projects since 2014 include:

  1. • New security steel exit doors and frames

  2. • Electrical upgrades as needed in various parts of the complex

  3. • Installation of signs at all exit doors and egress corridors

  4. • New roof conductors and drains as needed in the theater

  5. • Emergency limited-life roof resurfacing

  6. • Installed WIFI servicing the storefronts and rooftop deck

  7. • Removal of non-working original heating equipment in the basement

  8. • Removed water from the basement, sanitized and installed a new sump pump

  9. • Installed security system and pay quarterly monitoring fee

  10. • Installed new exterior poster display cases with LED lighting

  11. • New portrait murals of famous movie directors by a local artist on the rooftop deck wall