Our Marquee Maven! A Sunday in the Life of Charon

The marquee is how we make the majority of our funds. This helps keep us afloat. We are very appreciative of the community and their interest in using our beloved marquee to share their messages with the neighborhood.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put up our weekly marquee messages? I have. I decided to pal along with Charon last Sunday to help and document all the work that goes into making this happen.

We arrive around 1pm. It is hot today so we do our best to stay hydrated and make quick work of it. The first step is taking down the message from the week prior.

Next we start to organize the letters that have just come down.

Then we begin to build the new message on the sidewalk. We sell message space for both Warren and Outer Drive and we place the new messages out accordingly.

Once we get the messages ready, Charon fills her bucket with the new letters and starts putting them up.

That's the Outer Drive side, now for Warren!

Down goes the old message, organize the letters and finish spelling out the new message.

The message this week was really heavy on the E's so we have to improvise with a few backwards 3's. Hurray!!! the sign is hung for another week. It's 2:30 and time for some Lemonade! (I think this message really did its trick on us.)

If you would like your message hung on our marquee, send us an order via our store.

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