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Man in the City visits The Alger Theater!

The iconic Man in the City “Orange Man” has now joined us on the roof of the Alger

In early September, artist John Suave, creator of Man in the City, visited the Alger Theater. His Man in the City project places steel orange men on different historical buildings hoping people will take note of the buildings’ historical significance and its connection back to the arts.

Man in the City isn’t just a City of Detroit phenomenon. They have also gone as far north as Petoskey placing the orange men around Northern Michigan.

Cindy McSurely, development director for Crooked Tree, had this to share about the project: “It’s a public arts sculpture project, and we’re picking buildings for historical significance or for architectural significance or it’s a place that really helps tell the story of our region. It’s encouraging people to look up and around where they are.”

If you drive past the Alger be sure to snap a picture and send it to us on social media!

Also be sure to check out the Man in the City Facebook page: HERE

The Man in the City loves historic theaters; Renovated or not. Here he is hanging out at the fully restored State Theater in Traverse City. Hopefully, that good luck comes toward us at the Alger Theater.

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