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Sixth Season of Film on the Hill Kicks Off

Saturday June 20th we kicked off this year’s first Film on the Hill series. The event went off without a hitch,with about 270 people in attendance.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for the great work helping us set up as well as tear down for the event. We could not have done without with you.

This year is looking to be one of our best years ever for the event. The Friends of the Alger have been hosting Film on the Hill for 6 years! Each year we work to provide a fun and safe environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Be sure to come to the next two Film on the Hill events:

July 18th: "Remember the Titans"

August 15th: "The Sandlot"

Head over to our Events page for more information!

#FriendsoftheAlger #FilmontheHill #Home #DreamWorks

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