20131002104817-alger_instaThe Friends of the Alger are committed to transform our 1930s, art deco movie house into a community center to learn about, create, and experience art. The Alger will provide an anchor for a thriving neighborhood and commercial corridor.


Film on the Hill for July – Cancelled Due to Rain!

Please look for updates and possible rain date for Remember the Titans on our site and Facebook pages.


Alger Theater Party – Tuesday, July 8 @ 8p

East English Village Soccer Team eev soccerwill be hosting an after-party for the Detroit City Futbol League at the AlgerTheater. 

The Party will be Tuesday, July 8 and will get started as soon as folks start showing up after the games – so approximately 8 p.m.

We’re having music/dancing with DJ Charlie Preset., international street food from the Cook’s Crossing and beer from Atwater Brewery. We’re also excited that (the soon to open) Our/Detroit will be serving spirits and mixed drinks plus a few more fun additions like screenings of the day’s World Cup action. Food and drink will be for sale and you can support Alger renovations by purchasing a membership or making a donation.

WDET’s Craig Fahle will be hosting our team on his show this Monday, July 7th. Tune in to hear more about the theater progress and the party!

 Film on the Hill Celebrates 5th Season


Cinema Circus: Batman at Balduck Park 

0531_Cinetopia14_CinemaCircus flyer_Balduck Park_COLOR

The Friends of the Alger are proud to partner with Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater to present a Cinema Circus event this Saturday, May 31st at Balduck Park. Cinema Circus is a series of FREE outdoor screenings in Detroit and Ann Arbor that lead up to the Cinetopia International Film Festival on June 4-8.

We’re pumped to support the festival but also the whole big-top revelry that is going to be Cinema Circus. We’re talking fire-eating, stilt acrobats, contortionists and – wait for it – a mini-preview of the Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts followed by a screening of the spectacle that is Tim Burton’s Batman. Jack Nicholson back on big screen as the eerily haunting Joker – heck, yeah!

Cinema Circus rolls into Detroit’s eastside with the Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts starting at 8:15 p.m followed by Batman at 9:00 p.m. Download a flyer to pass along to your friends and neighbors. See you at the park off the corner of Canyon Street and Chandler Park Drive.

Film on the Hill Sponsorship

Thanks to the talents of new Alger boardmember, Jeff Wegner, we have a marvelous win-win sponsorship opportunity for local businesses and individuals. For a $500 donation in support of our annual Film on the Hill movie series in Balduck Park, Jeff will create a free 90-second video for the donor.

The video can be posted to a website to promote a product or service or would make a great visual “greeting card” for a special occasion.

Sponsorship videos will be aired at threefilm thumb2013 Film on the Hill events and can be linked to the Alger website. Pair that with a marquee message on the Alger building and you have a dandy marketing package at an unbelievable price.

Check out a few samples of Jeff’s work on YouTube here:

Email friends@algertheater.org for more information or contact Jeff directly at  989-274-3896. Please note the deadline for this offer is June 1, 2014.


Crowd-funding Campaign Success!

The Alger Theater has a BIG goal for 2014. To raise enough money to make necessary safety improvements to the theater and temporarily open the theater for events BY THIS SUMMER!!!

How much money? $60K.

How are we going to do that?

Here is the plan: $45,000 from major donor gifts (we have $15,000 promised to date) and mini-fundraisers ($1900 raised from our Lily’s Seafood fundraiser) with more events to come.

Thanks – huge thanks – to our friends, families and neighbors for supporting a $5000 crowd-funding campaign (we raised $6216- 120% of our goal – through Indiegogo).


Other plans in the works are a pub-crawl, some door-to-door canvassing, a music and/or spoken word fundraiser…bottom line, more fun to follow as we reach that big goal!

Much love,

The Alger