Activation Renovation Destination


The Friends of the Alger are committed to transform a historic, art deco movie house into a community center where residents can learn about, create, perform, and experience art. The Alger will provide a place for the community to enjoy movies, music, performing and visual arts as well as a home for new educational programs that engage and inspire the neighborhood.


Crowd-funding Campaign Success!

The Alger Theater has a BIG goal for 2014. To raise enough money to make necessary safety improvements to the theater and temporarily open the theater for events BY THIS SUMMER!!!

How much money? $60K.

How are we going to do that?

Here is the plan:¬†$45,000 from major donor gifts (we have $15,000 promised to date) and mini-fundraisers ($1900 raised from our Lily’s Seafood fundraiser) with more events to come.

Thanks – huge thanks – to our friends, families and neighbors for supporting a $5000 crowd-funding campaign (we raised $6216- 120% of our goal – through Indiegogo).


Other plans in the works are a pub-crawl, some door-to-door canvassing, a music and/or spoken word fundraiser…bottom line, more fun to follow as we reach that big goal!

Much love,

The Alger